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Holding The Line: Fall 2023 Newsletter Highlights

The Holding the Line section is going to be a way for us to share brief information about the new and the ongoing challenges faced by military participants and their families. We plan to begin doing short blurbs once or twice a month online and will include highlights...

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Breaking Domestic Violence Silence

I originally was planning to write an article about the fact that more military participants are joining later in life, and that is an important topic given to what we see as stressors and therapy needs. Then a relative sent me this article about a shooting spree...

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Commanders Don’t Always Read The Regulations

Edited Transcript of a Portion of the GI Rights Hotline Counselors’ Report 10/29/2022 We help people with different situations where their rights are not being protected, and a lot of times those rights are even spelled out in a regulation. But commanders don't always...

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Steve Woolford Argues With a General

Edited Transcript of a Portion of the GI Rights Hotline Counselors’ Report 10/29/2022  We are currently working with conscientious objectors at various stages of the application process. One Marine I have been working with was recently approved for discharge at every...

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Gaslighting and Control: Fall 2022 Newsletter

“Gaslighting” is a term that has gained popularity due to TikTok and other social media, but it is often misused and misunderstood. Gaslighting is so much more than lying or changing a story. It is purposeful psychological manipulation to make victims question their...

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Seeking How to Put Action to Witness: Fall 2022 Newsletter

A highlight of my first months at Quaker House has been visiting communities in Florida, South Carolina, Vermont, New York, Virginia, and across North Carolina. Two topics came up with every visit: reactions to the conflict in Ukraine and how can we be effective...

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