Learning About
Conscientious Objection

Quaker House does workshops and presentations for young adults who are exploring the concept of conscientious objection and how it may relate to them as well as for adults who may be supporting them in a leadership capacity.

PowerPoint Slides

We are happy to email our PowerPoint presentation that we use in these workshops to anyone who would like it at no cost. Please email us at execdirector@quakerhouse.org to request this resource.

Resource Guide Book

Quaker House published a resource guide for leaders for working with young adults in understanding conscientious objection and discerning their own leadings. The book costs $15.00 plus shipping costs. It is available both from Quaker House and on Amazon.


In conjunction with Quaker Speak, Quaker House created a video that provides an overview of issues to think about as a conscientious objector.

Sgt. Abe

Selective Service Registration Form

For young men who would like to download the Selective Service Form in order to document their beliefs in the margins, please follow this link. This option for adding to a file of documentation of belief is discussed further in the slides and in the Resource Guide.

Information You Need About Enlisting

Sgt. Abe was created in 2007 by Director Chuck Fager and intern John Stephens. The character, Sgt. Abe, is overlaid onto an actual DD Form 4 Enlistment/Reenlistment Agreement. Sgt. Abe points out points of fact and issues to be aware of before signing the enlistment form. The image was modernized in 2014. Click here for the full document: Sgt. Abe Annotated Enlistment Form.

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