GI Rights Hotline

The GI Rights Hotline takes calls from active-duty, reservist, and National Guard service members anywhere they are stationed in the world. Quaker House provides two counselors to the Hotline, answering over a third of all calls that come into the Network.

Examples of reasons service members call into the hotline:

  • Issues with harassment or discrimination,
  • Reservist unsatisfactory participation,
  • Reservist mobilizaiton,
  • Currently AWOL or UA,
  • Issues of conscience with killing/war (conscientious objection discharges),
  • Entry-level separation (failure to adjust),
  • Delayed-entry program (DEP) concerns,
  • Problems with medical or disability discharges,
  • Article 138 complaints.
The Hotline number is 1-877-447-4487.