Quaker House of Fayetteville: Working for Peace & GI Rights in the Fayetteville-Fort Bragg community since 1969

Quaker House is located in Fayetteville, North Carolina near Fort Bragg.

Quaker House is a manifestation of the Friends' Peace Testimony. Based in Fayetteville, NC, home of Ft. Bragg, Quaker House provides counseling and support to service members who are questioning their role in the military; educates them, their families, and the public about military issues; and advocates for a more peaceful world.

GI Rights Hotline: 877-447-4487 or 919-663-7122

Our service is free and private. We do not report to any military or government agency.

Groundbreaking:The Soul Repair Conference

Our Alternatives to Violence Project Training

WIDU Domestic Violence Interview

Domestic Violence Month Vigil

Building Bridges: Ft. Bragg chaplains visit Quaker House

Music helps spread Quaker House's message of peace

Elon Law School Event: A Conversation with a Wounded Warrior

Medea Benjamin Speaks at Quaker House

The Baptist Peace Fellowship of North America's Friendship Tour

Our Summer Newsletter

Our Domestic Violence Therapist, Soldier Discharges without Benefits, Whistle Blowers Jailed, is the MIC now the MISC? and More!

Our New Pamphlet for Service Members

Learn A Little More About Quaker House And Their Services.

We Present Our Domestic Violence Victims' Support Program at a SHARPP Training

We Were Very Honored to Present Our New Domestic Violence Program And Give Our Opinion On The Issue.

Surge of 'Other than Honorable Discharges:' our Hotline Counselors are Helping

A Common Case of Misdiagnosis Leads to Discharge, Causing Grief for Many of Today's Soldiers.

Our Poster for Domestic Violence Victims

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Our Domestic Violence Program Coordinator

Our Coordinator Gives a Few Words about our Domestic Violence Program.

Mindfulness Classes Offered at Quaker House

Come Explore Mindfulness!

Quaker House Drone Protest April 2013 Video

Quaker House's Vigil Calls for a Ban on Militarized Drones

Quaker House's First Domestic Violence Program

Ohio Wesleyan Students Volunteer at Quaker House

Facebook: Quaker House of Fayetteville

New Quaker House leaders say they want to make a big contribution

Goal: Peace, unity through music at Quaker House concert

Quaker House Goes to the DNC — Details & Updates

Phil Esmonde: A Memorial

Putting a Face on Torture Flights From Johnston County NC — October 2011

A Landmark: The Quaker House Conference on “The Military Industrial Complex At 50”

January 14-16, 2011 — Guilford College, Greensboro NC

Presentations, photos & Videos

NEW: Study Booklets on Peace Strategy & Torture Accountability

Study War Some More (If You Want To Work For Peace) and Patience & Determination are hot off the presses.

Quaker House is 43 years Old

Read about our book that tells the exciting story of our first 40 years on the front lines for peace: YES To The Troops. NO To The Wars.

FREE Bumper Stickers for Torture Accountability & The GI Rights Hotline

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Violence Within The Military — Resources On A Newly-Recognized Crisis

VWM stands for Violence Within the Military. This page offers a selection of recent reports.

Audio & Videos About Quaker House work and issues

Listen & watch to some of what we've been doing in recent years.

A Memorable Protest Against CIA Torture Flights!

Read About The North Carolina 'Torture Industrial Complex' — and the amazing rally against torture in Smithfield NC on Oct. 27, 2007

Meet GI Resister SGT. Ricky Clousing

American Hero of This War

Meet Sgt. Abe, the Honest Recruiter

Sgt. Abe explains the Enlistment Document & Sgt. Abe Speaks to Parents — two new Truth in Recruiting resources from Quaker House. Download, copy, & share!

A Historic Fayetteville Peace Rally

View photos & reports from 19 March 2005.

NEW — “Priceless!”: Welcome Home Banners

By Marine Families At Camp Lejeune NC

Make Your Own History

Make Your Own History A unique exhibit featuring rare documents and images from the GI Resistance of Fayetteville/Fort Bragg, 1969-1975

View this exhibit online!

Prepared by Quaker House Director Chuck Fager and Quaker Arts Intern Sally Stevens with material from the Bruce Pulliam Collection in the Quaker House Archives at Guilford College

Carolina Soul Repair Journey Conference


Mindfulness Classes

Acoustic Music Jam

Leslie Lee and Steve Gretz Concert

The Sita-Ram Express

Dana and Susan Robinson Concert

Pete Leary Concert

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