Dear Kindra,

I would like to congratulate yourself and Quaker House for 50 outstanding years of serving those who have sacrificed so much to their communities. It is a wonderful milestone to cross, and it can’t be crossed by a better group of people.

Being a military family is not easy, and the work that Quaker House has done has benefitted them in many outstanding ways. From being strong advocates to providing counseling services, your work has made the journey of men and women who serve their country easier to navigate.

Once again, thank you for everything that Quaker House has done for 50 years, and for many more in the future. If there is anything that my office or I could do for you, feel free to contact me at (919) 733-5776 or email my office at

Best Regards,

Senator Kirk deViere
NC Senate District 19|Cumberland County
The North Carolina General Assembly

[handwritten addition]  Thank you for all you and the Quaker House do for our community. I stand ready to assist. Kirk

[from Kindra, Quaker House Executive Director, not on letter itself] Thank you, Senator deViere!