Fayetteville Observer article by Rodger Mullen, published Sept. 22, 2019

When Donald Trump staged a rally in the Crown Expo Center on Sept. 9, both supporters and opponents of the president gathered outside.

A few miles away, a smaller demonstration took place.

About 25 members of the Quaker house and their supporters stood outside the Market House in downtown Fayetteville holding banners with slogans, including “Love Thy Neighbor–No Exceptions” and “Quaker House–A Witness for Peace Since 1969.”

“We did not want it to be a negative, contentious thing,” Quaker House Director Kindra Bradley said. “We wanted it to be a positive experience and it was. It was so much fun. It had a really positive, happy feeling out there.”

Of note, this photo was not part of the original Fayetteville Observer article but is a Quaker House photo kindly taken by a friend, Gerard Falls.

Since its founding during the height of the Vietnam War, the Quaker House has been a steady advocate for peace in a community that bears the brunt of war more than most others. . . .

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Reprinted with permission of the Fayetteville Observer, a GateHouse Media newspaper.